Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day 2019


For Valentine’s Day this year, you can choose from three different telegrams:


1.     Sweet & Simple  $110

The telegram performer comes dressed in a black formal costume. (Tux and tails or a black cocktail dress.) She sings a love song that you choose from our song list and gives a gift of a gorgeous single rose. The performer invites everyone present to sing a rousing rendition of “Happy Valentine’s Day to You” sung to the tune of Happy Birthday.


2.    Ukulele Hula Girl  $135

The performer comes dressed in colorful Hawaiian garb.  (The costume is not revealing so it’s acceptable for a conservative work environment.)  This telegram includes 2 colorful Hawaiian leis that the recipient gets to keep, a single rose and a small box of chocolates in a red heart-shaped box. The performer brings her ukulele and sings Hawaiian songs and gets everyone up dancing to the Island rhythms. Then she sings “Happy Valentine’s Day to You” to the tune of Happy Birthday. 


3.    The Gorilla  $170 

The CRAZIEST Valentine’s gift ever! Imagine a big, black, hairy gorilla serenading your loved one with a song chosen by you from our song list. The Gorilla makes everyone beat on their chest and do the Tarzan yell, and then gets everyone to sing a rousing rendition of “Happy Valentine’s Day to You” sung to the tune of Happy Birthday.  Everyone will always remember it. The telegram includes a single rose, a large box of chocolates in a red heart-shaped box and a pair of red heart-shaped head boppers


NOTE: Due to the large number of telegrams we perform on Valentine’s Day, we require a minimum 4-hour window for delivery. (Either morning or afternoon)

Sorry, we cannot learn any new songs for Valentine’s Day. We are happy to send you our song list and make recommendations for you.

Upon request, we will take photos of your loved one with our telegram performer and email or text them to you after the telegram – your Valentine’s Day souvenir!

To book your telegram, contact Singing Telegrams of Austin byemailor by calling 512-297-9251.